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Early rise is announced, because today the VatikanPetersplatz is to be explored. With the shuttle bus it goes to the Metro and from there direct in the direction of Vatikan-City. With each station the Metro fills ever more. Priests, nuns and Rome tourists, apparently all want to visit the Vatikan.

From the station San Pietro we have made the last 1,000 m by feet and with the tourist stream. The Peters place was visited and we decided already well to visit the St. Peterīs basilica also from the inside. Thus cueing and passing by the control. I was as usual again my pocket knife at the belt and is was noticed with control. To the question, where I could probably deposit it, the guard pointed to a waste ton. Idiot, it has probably no notion, what a hunting pocket knife costs. Thus Tanja precedes already once, I went back. Pocket knife from the belt taken and into a sidebag of the backpack, which is after the experiences of yesterday naturally secured with a combination lock, put and again cueing.

As expected, the security checks are just as "sharp" as in Egypt. A short view into the backpack however not into the sidebag. Thus by to Tanja and into the St Peterīs basilica.

In the St. Peterīs basilica we lost ourselves somehow then, but no problem, for this case we had agreed upon a meeting point.

Thus everyone made its pictures, and the splendid building admires. 60,000 humans fit into this largest Christian church of the world. I ask myself only, what the boss or the junior boss of the Pope says to all this splendor and Pomp. Well, thats their game.

After we were finished with our inspection route and met us also again, it was already nearly 12:00 o'clock, the time, at which the Pope addresses his words to the believers.

In the pictures is to be seen, how crowded the Peterīs place was meanwhile.

After the speech of the Pope the "meeting" dissolved. We continued to pull also toward Castell Santī Angelo. Unfortunately we could not visit the museums of the Vatikan, Sundays closed, but after what we to have read, one needs for them anyway at least 2 full days.

The Castell Santī Angelo, is named after a legend that tells at Christmas 590 appeared during a plague to the Pope Gregor I. the Archangel Michael, who putted his sword into the sheath and, oh miracle, the plague was terminated.

The Castell Santī Angelo, the escape castle of the Popes, who were not completely so peaceful in past times, as their boss had ordered. The Castell Santī Angelo is connected with the Vatikan by a considered course, so that that the Pope does not become wet, if he must flee during rain into the castle.

Since it was there rather full, we did without an inspection and went over one of the the Tiberbridges,Tiberbrücke which is located directly opposite of the entrance, to search a restaurant, because we were already for hours on the way and the stomach announced himself.

Addressing the restaurant in one of the close lanes, the meal was outstanding and the service forestalling. As the first a waiter drew the attention of us not to place the backpack too near against the road it could excite otherwise the interest of a thief on a scooter. After the made experiences we followed this recommendation naturally immediately.

Strengthened by the meal we went by the close lanes of Rome. On the way we also found this wood figure of Pinochio, or is it about 2 figures.

Our next goal was the Piazza Navona, on which the four-river fountain is located.

To the usual photos then further to the Pantheon, a temple, which was built 27 B.C. and today serves as burial place of the Italian Kings. The cylindric building is in runs of the centuries occasionally converted and partly with the contemporary respective epoch "adorned". The inside measure is 43.40 metres in diametre. This is also the height.

So slowly the feet started to pain. Plaster of Rome is not much "foot-friendly", trecking shoes are advised. Mausoleo of Augustus

On the way to the Spagna we continued still briefly then at the mausoleo of Augustus. I had to go alone, Tanja has used the time to rest her feet. Obviously she had made the better choice, I could not do in here, everything locked, then I took only one photo. Babuino, der Pavian

At the Spagna arrived, I wanted to make still another photo of Babuino, socalled the Pave. Babuino is the most famous of the small stonefigures, which one finds at some house entrances in Rome. With these figures the Romans expressed their displeasure over the respective aboveness.Entrance with mask

Babuino is relatively simple to be found, there it the name giver of the Via del Babuino, one of the most expensive shopping streets. The road leads from the Spagna, if one stands in front of the stairs, to the left. Babuino is to be found nearly at the end on the right roadside. Back at the Spagna I wanted to make still a few pictures from above over the roofs of Rome.

Tanja was not to be induced any longer to climb the stairs. She wanted to preserve dear far her feet. Thus alone the stairs up. One has a marvelous view from here above. The pictures are to be found with the other pictures of the Spagna.
restaurant at Termini
Again with Tanja, we decided then to look again for a restaurant in the proximity of Termini. Thus with the metro to Termini and looked around. Finally we ended nevertheless then in the same nice restaurant as on the evening before.

After dinner we went back by Metro and bus to the hotel. We fell exhausted into the bed and have through-slept up to the next morning.

After the breakfast we drove back to Bratislava. Back into the already winter cold Slovakia.

All in all the short vacation was worthwhile itself, something warmth in November, refurbishes the empty "batteries" again.


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