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Gassen von Rom
From the Fontana di Trevi we went along then, further again a few loops by the lanes of Rome, to the Quirinale. In this Palazzo, delighted naturally again of a Pope, this time Gregor XIII., resides today the Italian president. The gardens are not to be visited, only at the national holiday "unelected" visitor may have a view of it.

The good at Rome is, nearly all objects of interest are only in a distance of a few minutes by feet from each other. From the Quirinale we passed by the Foro Imperiale on our way to the Monumento Vitorio Emanuele II.

Here we had then also a Capuccino, which was very inexpensive by the way with 1.80 Euro.Colosseo After the mandatory photos we went toward Colosseo, past at the Forum Romanum, which we want to waive ourselves for Sunday.

The road of the Vitorio Emanuele heads directly on theColosseo . The sight is well known from numerous films and from infinitely many photos.

triumphal arch of the emperor Konstantin Unfortunately perfectly overcrowded. In front of the entrance a queue, which is hardly diminished. After a look at the admission fee, the decision is made fast, 8 Euro per person, No!
Visitors from Forum Romanum
A short stop at the triumphal arch of the emperor Konstantin (312 B.C.) and we continue to go toward Forum Romanum, always against the host of visitors, which moves from the Forum Romanum to the Colosseum.

Additionally the host of visitors is braked still by the "hawkers", who here, as also at nearly all objects of interest, offer their goods. Bags of Gucci, Prada and which has otherwise still another name, exactly the same as eyeglasses of the mentioned, pictures of "artistic importance ;)", and also Japanese, who tinker and sell grasshoppers from reed.

Amazingly, for the Forum Romanum no entrance fee is required. Thus inside and visits the historical walls.

It is impressing, how many historical buildings are preserved here, and there is still somewhat found.

We had also planned to see the grave of Romulus. A black stone should bee characteristic to find it. That we did find it at the end was pure coincidence.

From the Forum we went out then by the "back entrance", i.e., we were again above at the Monumento Vitorio Emanuele II. We enjoyed here then the view over Rome in the sunset, unfortunately not for a very long time, then we were quite unfriendly requested to leave the place since at 18:00 o'clock everything is closed here.

We went from here then to the Metro station at the Colosseo, our stomach feels empty. Our goal was the station Termini, where we wanted to look for a cozy restaurant.Warning about pickpockets

In the metro we made then still the experience, that the warnings, which warn of pickpockets, are justified. In the crowding nevertheless truly one of those tried to steal something out of my photo bag. Probably he did not recognize the mobile non removable disk or he was disturbed by Tanja in the last moment, anyway, she tried to hold his arm but with the crowding in the metro and especial when opening the doors, he escaped. From this we learned: everything, which is not needed directly, is stored in the backpack and the zippers become secured with combination locks, actually for suitcases.

In Termini one thing was noticeable, everything was very clean, already nearly exaggerated clean, here should Mr. Mehdorn (CEO of German Railways Deutsche bahn AG) once step out, in order to find a model for German stations.

Termini inside Termini from the outside Termini inside Termini inside

On the free area, as usual also the main bus stop, also numerous trees stand. These are night camps for the local birds, hundreds of thousands of them make a such a noise hardly to believe.

In the proximity we found also a nice restaurant and enjoyed comfortably our dinner outside of the restaurant (it was at the beginning of November!).

After dinner it went back then again with the metro and the bus to the hotel. Still another beer at that hotel bar and then into the bed, tomorrow is announced again full program.

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