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Our 6th Day of Holiday part 2

Tanjas Birthday, Abu Simbel, Kitchener´s Island und Nubian Night

in the Souk of Aswan After the meal time is for the free order up to four p.m. Tanja and I visit the Souk of Aswan, this time on our own. The midday heat is already nearly intolerable, but we have otherwise hardly opportunity to buy something. The dealers have also all special offers for us, but they are not as importunate as the "hawkers" at the objects of interest. We purchase a bracelet for Tanja, which does not look like Egypt vacation or miracle bag with the "goldsmith".

Back to the ship it is already time for the next trip. This time to an island, lord Kitchener`s Island, which should be a botanic garden.

Tanja does not ride along, she wants to rest at the pool and to have a sunbath.

The travel to the island with a felucca is quick. This time a duo in a self-made "boat" "attacks" us and sings in all possible languages.

Honestly said, the "botanic garden" is a disappointment. There are more beautifully and more maintained ones in Germany. At the end of the island, as usual, the dealers with their imitations. Their price conceptions are absurd. 20 Euro for a figure. I guess/advise a married couple from Berlin, which was not yet in the Valley of the Kings and in Karnak, to wait up to then with the purchase. If one is persistent enough, then there the figures on the way to the exit are for 2 LE the piece. They want to make their own experience. By my interruptions the price sinks then nevertheless to 20 LE for 2 figures and a small Skarabaeus.

As we reached the felucca fighting with the Hawkers the prices sink dramatically. A dealer offers 2 figures for 5 LE, however he is pushed aside "completely" by his "colleagues gently" and taken out of the game. The standard offer sinks to 3 figures for 15 LE. I grind for myself.

With the felucca to Kitchener´s Island Singing duo in their boat Botanic Garden Botanic Garden
Botanic Garden Botanic Garden Botanic Garden Botanic Garden
Nileimpressions Tourists kitch Tourists kitch Blossoms
Blossoms Wiedehopf Wiedehopf Hill with graves of the rich and importants of Elephantine
Picknick on the Island Hawker with ´Souvenirs´ Hawker with ´Souvenirs´ Hawker with ´Souvenirs´
hawker with ´Souvenirs´ Cruising against the Wind arrived at the M/S Coral 1 Waiting for the bunch

Best on this trip has been the travel back. We had to cruise against the wind.

After dinner, Tanja thought already hopefully her birthday was forgotten by the crew, the mandatory birthday cake comes.

´Hamed with the birthday cake Birthday child They sang too Who will say which way to write is right

At nine there is Egyptian Folk. Singing and dancing at the Nubian night.

Nubian Folks the dancer and all participate Polonaise Blankenese?
uand through the bar Nubian dancer Nubian dancer Nubian dancer
Nubian dancer Nubian dancer Nubian dancer Nubian dancer with Tanja

The evening ends with beer and ouzo on deck.


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