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Our 5th Day of Holiday Part 2

Philae, Aswan, Obelisk, Souk and Nubian Village

The next station is a "goldsmith". "You do not have to buy, isse like museum, but if you wants, then can you buy. I help assistance with acting if someone need ". Arabi has sometimes also the behaviour of a hawker. Everything that is to be found in the "museum", is decoration with all possible and impossible Egyptian motives. Well finished in addition but too expensive.

A bracelet, which pleased Tanja, should cost somewhat above 1.000 Euro, no, thanks, looks perhaps here completely merry, but looks in Europe then nevertheless rather kitschy. I made no photos here, I am already nerved of so much sales show.

After the "museum" it continues to go into the Souk. Arabi wants to show us a spice dealer. All spices should being better and fresher than with the other dealers, I ask myself naturally why just with that.

The part of the Souks, by which we pull, is a mixture from real shops for the inhabitants of Aswan and shops with tourist articles, so-called Souvenirs.

Fortunately we already bought a few spices in Luxor. The spice dealer does not have to offer anything special, is only worth mentioning that the neighbouring water-pipe dealer was punished for the fact that it wanted to make besides also still another business with Tourists. A strong gust of wind let its 3 or 4 Galabeias hung up at handles blow and smashed a few of his water-pipes on the ground. Kismet!

Souk of Aswan Souk of Aswa At the spice dealer At the spice dealer
Souk of Aswan Butcher Souk of Aswan Fruit dealer
Greengrocer Poultry dealer Dates dealer Souk of Aswan

The afternoon is free and is used for relaxation, sun bathing, a jump into the pool and a little bit reading.

At half past 4 there is then again program, attendance of a Nubian village. According to Arabi of "everything original, we can drink Tschai (tea), can see completely into Nubian house. Isse itself all hospitality ". He does not ride along, tomorrow there is Abu Simbel announced, he must rest himself. Rest? Who in hell is actually on holiday?

The travel is taken over by Zaki, the tourist guide of the German travel's group, which inhabits the Coral 1 also since yesterday. With the motorboat we drive up the Nile toward old dam. The trip passes the funeral place to that realms and importants of ancient Aswan, at the mausoleum of Aga Khan and the house, which inhabited the Begum, through narrow bypasses of the Nile. These are partly so narrow that the travelers must lift from their places, otherwise they "were whipped" by the reed.

On half of the distance a 8 to 10-year-old boy in his selfmade "boat" "attacks" us. He adheres to the boat firmly sings us from full throat the "Vogelhochzeit" and other German songs. To its pitch all are stingy or from the continuing begging so "pissed off" that he does not get anything. As he recognises this he releases our ship and looks for the next victims.

Short before the Nubian village one sees a few camels on a hill. According to Zaki one can look who wants to ride camel, who does not want can remain in the boat and drive to the nubian village. I do not want actually, I have ridden already in Saudi Arabia however Tanja wants and so I have to want. Well, well. Substantially more travelers than camels at one time are there want to spend the 30 LE . We walk by the sand up the hill toward camels. We are not yet on half of the height, from all directions children are coming over with camels to be correct with Dromedaries. The shrub radio seems to function here well.

On the camels it goes further toward village, always near at the edge to the water. I trust myself in my camel and am sure that it will not slip and we will not roll down the hill.

Photos during the ride I made none. I was too much busy to remain above since the "saddle" was really primitive.

In the Nubian village "Isse itself completely privately" there is already another travel's group in the house, which we are to look at ourselves. And everywhere the attempt to turn us any junk or the direct question for Euro. In the house there are a few baby crocodiles, the point of attraction absolutely. The women are completely moved to take them into the hand and stroke.

With this boat we drove to the Village Funeral place for the ancient rich and important citicens of Aswan ´Sängerknabe´ in boat, German songs in Egypt Mausoleum of Aga Khan
House of the Begum upwards the Nile Farmers on the Nile Here through
The reed reaches us in the boat Beach Dromedar Camels for everybody
Arrival in the nubian village Baby crocodile. In the Nile there are no more crocodiles since the building of the Aswan dam Here, take it Leonardo Di Caprio
Touristsstuff Store Annemie Fussbroich??? In the village

I am more interested in the fact how a poster of Leonardo Di Caprio comes here to the wall of a Nubian loam hut. It continues to go through the village. I do not think to the ship, unfortunately. Thus again plentiful opportunity to press us with special offers. If not that, then the question about changing from Euro-coins into notes

For sure, the banks change no coined money. Here one sees that the bureaucrats in Brussels operate church tower politics and the fact that they obviously are seldom abroad in non-European countries. Otherwise they would have recognised that we absolutely need a 1 Euro note. Only then we have also a correct equivalent to the 1-dollar note, the most popular tip of the world.

In the kindergarten Zaki explains the Egyptian educational system to us and shows also a few letters in Arab. I could read and write them too, long time ago, but everything is gone. I notice, how ever, more vocabulary from my Saudi time comes up, but to write my name in Arab, no chance.

He explains us also, why one should not give money or Bakschisch to the small children. They do not see why they should learn at school because they have even now a higher income than their fathers.

Back on the way to the ship again the route by the "offers.

It is already dawn and I asks myself, how the "captain" wants to find the way by the tightnesses between rocks in this darkness. I must perhaps explain that the dawn here is not as in Europe. Here the sun goes down and 10 minutes later it is dark. But it turns out that there is a simple and broad way for the way back. What in hell they are doing to satisfy the tourists.

The young salesman, who already accompanied us on the way there and his chains from smelling woods "two pieces 2 Euro" sees also chances getting lost, the closer we come to our ship. He remembers my offer "1 for 1 LE". Except me also another few travelers buy. He made nevertheless still a good business.

Arrived at the ship there is already again dinner. Subsequently, the evening ends with beer and Ouzo, both domestic products, but well.


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