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Our 4th Day of Holiday - Part 2

Kom Ombo, Nileimpressionen und Galabeiaparty

Far direction Kom Ombo. Again the Nile landscapes pull past on us. Finite is also times time for a midday nap.

Nile scenery Nile scenery Nile scenery Nile scenery
Nile scenery Find the hidden camel?? Playing children Bathing children
Nile scenery Nile scenery Tombs at Nile Toms at Nile
The stones for the temple in Kom Ombo were cutted here Nile scenery Nile scenery Nile scenery

Ticket for Kom Ombo

At about 18:00 o'clock we reach Kom Ombo. As the sunset is here at about 18:45, we must hurry, in order to be able to still take a few photographs with daylight. On the other hand it is the opportunity to see the temple of Kom Ombo also illuminated.

Arrival in Kom Ombo The Twintemple of Kom Ombo Sun over the Nile Temple of Kom Ombo
Detail The Souk Reliefs Mummyfied crocodiles
Mummyfied crocodiles Mummyfied crocodiles Templeview Reliefs
Templeview Pillar with reliefs Detail Kom Ombo Temple
Kom Ombo Temple Sun Detail Detail
Detail Detail Detail Detail
Detail Temple in the dawn Temple in the dawn Chair for giving birth
Medical Instruments of the ancient Egypts The temple of Kom Ombo at night The temple of Kom Ombo at night The temple of Kom Ombo at night

At 8:30 p.m. then the Galabeiaparty started. Nearly everybody was dressed in egyptian clothes. A few games and music thatīs all. I am somehow disappointed.

Scheikh Ulli Animations We tinker ourselves a mummy with toilettenpapier The winning mummy
cosy round with Stella beer and Egyptian Ouzo Who is this? Scheikh and his lady of the harem our travel's group

Afterwards then relaxation at deck is announced. The wind makes the heat more bearable. Outside it is stick-darkly, only millions of stars and the half-moon lights up the landscape and the captain (or someone else) steers the ship without radar upwards the Nile . At midnight we reach Aswan.


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