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Our 2nd Day of Holidays - Part 2

Ticket for Hatshepsut Temple Finally at the Temple of Hatshepsut. The plant looks almost modern. Bauhaus stile? Here it was, where 1997 during an assault of terrorists 14 tourists from Switzerland died. What a coincidence, Arabi tells us that our bus driver was also the bus driver of the murdered at that time, well, who will believe? That lowers naturally the probability that a similar fate overtakes us.

The pictures down obtain a small impression of the plant of the Hatshepsut temple, which is not yet completely opened.

Hatshepsut-Temple, build by the  architect Senenmut (she)bPharao Hatshepsut Pharao(nin) Hatshepsut Hatshepsut-Temple
Pharao(nin) Hatshepsut The goddes Hathor, to be found here in the capitals of the pillars Pharao(nin) Hatshepsut The goddes Hathor, to be found here in the capitals of the pillars
The goddes Hathor, to be found here in the capitals of the pillars Relief on the wall View into the sanctum of the temple Hatshepsut
Hatshepsut Pillars in front of the mountains Wallpaintings Wallpaintings
View to the Valley of Nile Horus-Hawk

A little hint here, everywhere in the temples and graves some Egyptians hang around. These show particularly interesting motives to the visitors, which one otherwise probably would not discover. This service should be worth then 2 to 3 LE.

On the way back from the Hatshepsut temple then the Memnon Colossi. Short stop, photo made Memnon Colossi, approximately 18 m high, representing the Pharao Amenophis III.. They are the remnants of a large temple plant about 3,000 years ago, from which today nothing more is to be seen, as the stones were used as material for buildings and further to the ship, where the lunch is waiting.

The afternoon is for free order. Tanja and I decide to let us stroll (with at least 35 ° Celsius in the shade) by Luxor. The price is negotiated fast and we drive toward Luxor by taxy. The label "air condition" has actually no different meaning, than that the windows can still be opened.

Taxy drivers are similarly as bus drivers, they fell in love with their horns . Every 10 seconds or all 100 meters, depending on which event occurs first, they blow the horn. This masses are interrupted only if a pedestrian, cyclist, donkey driver, another vehicle is on the road or if the driver has straight desire to honk.

Flying Sakopharg We arrived however nevertheless somehow at Luxor. I should have become already careful, when the taxy driver buckled the seat belt himself. He dropped us off behind the Luxor temple and we agree that he fetches us here again at about five o´clock, we will pay after return trip. So we have nearly 4 hours, in order to look around in Luxor.

We walked around, searching for a shoemaker in the bazaar. Tanja does not believe in success, because today is Friday, comparably with our Sunday. After several attempts in the different lanes of the Souks we find also a shoe shop, in front of that shop a man sits at a sewing machine. Each museum would envy him for the model, but it works. In a few minutes the damage is repaired and we continue to pull by the lanes. Only to look around and enjoy.

Side-street in Luxor Spiceshop Butcher Hotel Winter Palace

In front of almost each shop there is someone, who has a "Special Offers" for us, "La, schukran". At a Spiceshop we cannot resist and buy then a few eastern spices, which are not available at home. A few shops later we purchased then the first postcards and the appropriate stamps.

Somewhat further we have luck. There are fresh red dates. 2 LE (50 cent) per Kilo. I do not have any change and pay with a 20 Pound note and receive a bundle change back. A lot of 25 and 50 Piaster notes. Sceptically I recount and state that there are missing nearly 3 Pound. Without big discussion I receive the remainder. The attempt did not work.

Well, it starts not only to become warm, it is hot. The forward carried 2 bottles of water are already empty. Still nearly 2 hours, until the taxi comes. We saunter toward Winter Palace Hotel, in hope to find a restaurant with air conditioning system on the way there. Was nothing. At a kiosk we purchase 2 ice-cooled Pepsi and sit down into the shade of a tree, looking at the goings on the road and drink our Pepsi. That is a benefit to sit in such a way.

We somehow got up then and continued to walk around. Actually we wanted to go now into the Luxor museum, however we probably went into the wrong direction. Thus back again. Every few meters we got offers for a curricle trip. No interest. curricle trip was yesterday, today is taxi.

Tanja and me drinking Tschai (Tee) Still more than one hour, until our taxi will come. A hotel looks inviting. We enter and order tee. The hotel has no air condition however it is pleasantly cool inside.

Time passed by. It is time for the taxi. It is even already there, Alhamdullilah. Off to the ship and into the cab. Air condition is something that you enjoy here.

It is still time up to the dinner. Thus off into the pool. The water is amazingly cool and pleasant. Briefly before sunset then the camera taken and a few photos made conveying a special atmosphere.

feluccas on Nile, when there is no wind


The evening passes on the deck with Egyptian beer, Egyptian Ouzo, the writing of the diary and the first postcards.


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